Sunday, June 06, 2010

It's been forever!!

Have I mentioned we are having a baby!!
(Jen 29 weeks)

     We are having a BOY! He is due 8/14, but we are sure he will be here before that (he is BIG, according to the Doc) little nervous about this.
Abbie starts kindergarten in September. I can not believe she is turning five in 18 days. Life has been moving so fast.  She is growing up so fast and is a great kid.
I am still working and will be off work for 5 1/2 months once the baby comes (can't wait),
then back to work part time (thankful we can swing this).
Abbie is truly looking forward to being a big sister and BIG helper. She has been helping to clean her old toys and "Style" her new brothers room. Abbie loves to arrange the toys on the shelves and rearrange the dresser, just about everyday.
Our weekends have been full of family and spending time together. We feel blessed and can't wait to start this new adventure with our new little man. (and for me to be back to normal, I feel really BIG)

Check out Abbie's new hair style ;) she has decided that she would like to "swoop" her bangs. It was too funny when she made the announcement, while on our way to get her hair cut and I quote "I don't want to cut my bangs this time, I want them to swoop them like Aunt GG and you Mama". She now does her own hair, picks out her clothes and dresses herself everyday. I have to keep my mouth shut about the hair and clothes. It has already started, pick your battles right?

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