Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend full of fun!!

This weekend was a farewell to summer, hello to fall celebration at our house (but it was hard to believe that summer was gone, being that it was 92 on Friday).

We kicked it off on Friday by going to Disneyland and California Adventure ALL DAY.

Saturday was HOT as well bet the celebration had to continue while Paul was at work. Abbie and I meet up with Joyce and Hunter for a fun filled day of Pumpkins and swimming.

Abbie had a blast at the pumpkin patch!!

Then we were off to the pool!!!

Then it was sunday...... nothing was planned so where did we go?
Disneyland of course we can never get enough of that place. It was Hunters first visit yah!!!
The temperature was a cool 82, so it was nice.

We had a great weekend with the Sleeis' and I hope we can do it all again soon!

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