Sunday, October 11, 2009

Abbie's new style

So this little girl loves to shop ( the teen years are going to be scary!) We went shopping as a family to get business attire for HUSBAND'S NEW JOB! So while he was shopping for things that we had no interest in, us girls did our own shopping.

Abbie has her own style this is for sure, this hat is what she spent her money on. I tryed to talk her into a baseball cap but no luck.

Abbie had 5$ and the hat was $3.99. She marched up to the front by herself and paid the lady with a huge smile on her face.


Traci and Richard Larson said...

That's so cute and I don't think the apple falls to far from the tree when it comes to starting young with fashion opinions!!!

Joyce said...

I love it! She has such style! I love those hats! I have one myself! ha ha ha. Much better than her wanting to wear her princess outfit over her jeans!!!!